Public Art

  • south-side view


    "Invisibox" is a series of media covered utility boxes, comissioned and on collection at California State University, Northridge. Each box becomes invisible when the viewer accesses the optimum vantage point, moving to visually match the image they see with the physical campus background.

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  • desert install (Spring)


    The invisi-interventions are about erasing demarcations in the land, adding material to cause erasure. The works allow the viewer to have a physical experience in/with a solid space but to see the possibilities of what once was untouched. Some of the works cause invisibility, while others show the eventual deterioration of the object/location. These pieces are meant to be ephemeral in nature and change as the environment so chooses.

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  • 108 wishes filmstrip

    Wish Collector

    "Wish collector" was a 2009 public performance and installation in collaboration with over four hundred Chinese citizens from the city of Suzhou. With a document translated into Chinese, people were asked to write their wishes and give them to the artist (wish collector) for collection.

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  • poisonpink

    poisonpink was an interactive, online, public memory collection archive with a log-in capability allowing users to archive a childhood memory and photograph.

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  • at the Grove - Los Angeles


    Based on ideas found in performance, Fluxus events and the psychology of group dynamics the 2006-2007 happenings produced ephemeral random convergences that created temporary group dynamics through directed signular actions. Participants were given details of a specific event, inlcuding location, time and directions.

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