The invisi- interventions are about erasing demarcations in the land. Adding material to cause erasure, in this desert installation, untitled (N35˚ 15' 25" W118˚ 2' 13"), the piece allows the viewer to have a physical experience in/with a solid space but to see the possibilities of what once was untouched. Some of the invisi- interventions cause invisibility, while others show the eventual deterioration of the object/location. The current invisi- site is located in an abandoned compound in the Mojave desert. The work is meant to be ephemeral in nature and changes returning to it's original (un)natural state as the environment so chooses.

untitled (N35˚ 15' 25" W118˚ 2' 13")
site-specific public installation
coated paper, cinder block, wood (structure)
32'x13', 2010e